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The right specs makes all the difference in making your fleet work effectively for you. Our lease program allows you to leverage our expertise we’ve gained from purchasing thousands of trucks. In addition, you benefit from the relationships and purchasing agreements we have with the numerous OEMs we work with.

Why Full Service Lease?

Why Full Service Lease? Full Service Leasing is a turnkey solution for your transportation fleet challenges that allows you to focus your capital, your time, and your energy on your business’s core competencies. An extremely effective alternative to fleet ownership, Full Service Leasing is an all-inclusive approach that handles all the burdens and headaches associated with owning vehicles. Full Service Leasing reduces overall fleet costs, increases the reliability and dependability of your trucks, and reduces your overall risk………..all while improving your customer service and driving your bottom line. 

Operational Benefits

  • Freedom from the time, burden & complex responsibilities of fleet management

  • Allows you to focus on your core business

  • Maximizes capacity through equipment specification expertise

  • Turnkey, comprehensive maintenance program

  • Dramatically improves fleet “up time”

  • Establishes 24/7 “Road Rescue” protection – anywhere, anytime

  • Administrative services to handle licensing, permitting, taxes

  • Assistance in Driver Safety & DOT Compliance

Financial Benefits

  • Reduces fleet costs

  • Provides reliable, predictable fleet cost

  • Frees up working capital

  • Improves cash flow

  • Manage risk

  • Enhances financial performance ratios

  • Reduces overhead drain in managing and coordinating truck fleet

  • Maximizes fuel efficiency

  • Minimizes administrative overheads expenses

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