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Kinnie Annex also known as Kinnie Transportation Group began business in 1918 by Mr. George Kinnie and has maintained family ownership for over 100 years! The Kinnie Annex fleet has experienced continued growth throughout the years with over 500 units currently. What initially opened as a local cartage company has grown into something much more so that we could continue to provide the best service to our customers and help them grow the company has expanded into Logistics,  Truck &  Trailer Repair, Truck & Trailer Rentals, Finance & Maintenance Leasing, Driver Leasing and Fuel Tax Reporting.

The Kinnie family has set a continuous goal to provide its customers with all their transportation needs at a high level of satisfaction. We continue to look for innovative ideas to improve our services to our customers so that we can grow right along side them.

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"To us the definition of family includes not only immediate family but also the families of loyal employees, vendors and customers all of whom will help power the company into the next 100 years."

Eric Kinnie, CEO

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