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Outsource to our dedicated team

When you desire guaranteed capacity, or need to provide a "white glove" level of service to your customers, a dedicated solution delivers the level of control you need. With your own fleet of branded trucks and well-trained drivers from Kinnie, you’ll never worry about timing your truckload or competition for less than truckload capacity freight.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Kinnie Logistics' Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC) solutions provide dedicated resources to fulfill your transportation demands without requiring any of the investment of ownership. The premise of our relationship is simple:


  • We own, manage and maintain the trucks and drivers.

  • You schedule pick-up and watch delivery activity – from the doors of your warehouse to its final destination.


Use our fleet—one of the largest and best maintained in the area—brand it to your operations, and you have a turnkey transportation solution.


  • Increase awareness of your business as you move product on your schedule.

  • Stay competitive by signing a transportation contract to move freight and drive down operating costs today.

Surpass Your Service and Safety Goals

When you don’t have all the worries of carrier ownership, but do have all the tools to monitor your dedicated fleet, you can focus on the real concerns of your business and your customers. Our historic expertise, dedication to safety, and cutting-edge transportation technology deliver peak service performance, high visibility in transport status, and allow you to surpass your goals.​

KINNIE Dedicated Delivers

  • Optimized routes and managed dispatching

  • New-model, fuel-efficient, well-maintained vehicles

  • Regulatory compliance and environmental concern

  • On-the-road vehicle servicing

  • The best, safest drivers

  • Benchmarks driving continuous improvement

  • On-board technology to manage productivity

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